Are You Harming Your Skin More Than Helping It?

It’s very tempting to try and squeeze a pimple, or to chip away at the edge of a scab. But if you pick off a scab or squeeze a pimple until it bleeds, you’re injuring the skin, which can lead to scarring. Scarring is an obvious source of embarrassment. Especially so if that scar is located on the public space of your neck or chest. Leave scabs and other damaged areas to heal on their own, even pimples will fade with enough time. Cover pimples with makeup if they’re unsightly, and be sure to treat them or clean them in cleanser. For a scab you can’t keep from touching, protect it from your attacks with a bandage and plenty of disinfectant. If you can’t help touching a scab or pimple, find a mirror and use a clean tissue or Q-tip to help tackle the troubled spot. And if you do find yourself squeezing blackheads or pimples, be gentle. Squeezing hard enough to draw blood may leave a scar.

Stay Away from the Dermatologist

It’s recommended that an annual exam by a dermatologist needs to happen once a year for everyone, to look for moles, growths, or rashes that could signal a potential skin problem. Checking your skin yourself can be helpful, too, but only a trained professional can notice a trouble spot that you might overlook or consider unimportant. In many cases, catching a problem early means it will be easier to fix. Annual exams are particularly important for people who live alone, since it’s hard to check your neck and chest on your own.

Call your dermatologist today and schedule an appointment. Do you not have a dermatologist? Ask your primary care physician for a recommendation, you’ll be surprised to find their willingness to recommend someone.

Smoking, One of the Worse things for your Skin

Smoking can often age your skin prematurely, even more so than spending a lot of time in the sun. Depending on how much you smoke, the habit can add up to and including ten years or more on the appearance of your neck and chest. How? Smoking reduces circulation to your skin, making it sallow instead of rosy and glowing.  The free radicals in cigarette smoke attack the needed collagen and elastic tissue found in your skin, making your skin thinner, weaker, and more prone to wrinkling. Quit. Sure, it’s will not be easy at first. If it were, you probably would have done it a long time ago. No matter how long you’ve been smoking, you’ll see immediate benefits once you finally stop.