A second generation student of balneotherapy, Chana has worked for ten years in one of Chicago's most luxurious and exclusive day spas. Born and raised in Chicago, Chana followed in her mother's foot steps by studying diligently the newest and most effective forms of water treatment therapy, and the curative powers of minerals. Having employed many different products for body and eye care, Chana now lends her expertise in guiding others toward the means to improve their skin and health.

BioElixia Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

BioElixia is sold with the claim that it is a scientifically claimed formula that can cut the appearance of cellulite by 57 percent. If you think these claims are worth doing some investigation on...

You’re right!

So, the question is, Will BioElixia really help cut the appearance of cellulite in half, or is this product using a lot of talk to sell a cream that doesn’t do as much as you’d like to believe?


BioElixia was tested during a four week study. During this time the cream was found to deliver an average of 38 percent reduction in the appearance of cellulite. This was increased to 57 percent after test subjects used the formula for eight weeks. There are a number of customer reviews on the official product page of people who seem to be happy with this product.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

The main benefit of BioElixia is that it has been clinically studied. On top of that, customers that have bought this product appear to say the same things about using the cream which helps to back up the idea that it works.

Thumbs Down

BioElixia sells for almost $60 a bottle, which is more expensive than other beauty products. It is difficult to justify paying this kind of price because there is no satisfaction guarantee on the product. Additionally, there is also no free sample program that will let users test to see if they're allergic or if the product works for them. The company that makes the product also doesn't sell it directly, which is a bit strange.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

The main website for BioElixia does not provide customers with a full list of ingredients for their product, which is questionable considering its high price and claims.

Ingredients: Unavailable.


This product seems too good to be true - and it seems like it is. The company makes huge claims about their product, but doesn't provide any insight into the ingredients that are supposed to make these results happen. The lack of a money back guarantee also is never a good sign of a company having faith in their product, making this one a no-go.


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