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Dermology Body Firming Lotion Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

If you have an interest in how to reduce cellulite and prevent it from marring the beauty of your legs and thighs, no one can blame you for looking for a product that will help address the problem. It is true that cellulite appears in some people more than others, but the good thing is that there are now courses of treatment to reduce its appearance.

You’re right!

So, the question is, Will Dermology be the solution to keep cellulite at bay?


Dermology is a health and beauty company that produces natural skin care products for various skin care issues, one of which is Cellulite Solution. An anti-cellulite treatment that targets these unsightly “dimples” on the skin.

Having cellulite is one of the most troublesome beauty problems one can ever experience considering that it cannot readily be covered up by mere make-up or creams. It usually causes poor self-esteem and low confidence as it makes one conscious of her appearance, especially when around a lot of people. Moreover, having these unsightly “dimples” limits one’s clothing options – minis, sleeveless tops, and other revealing clothes are out. Unless one can completely ignore unflattering comments and remarks from others, having no choice but to wear “cover-ups” is particularly inconvenient during hot weather.

Considering that this problem cannot be merely covered up to go away, one needs to face this head on. This means attacking the cellulite where they thrive, just underneath the skin’s surface. Dermology Cellulite Solution boasts of working exactly this way, by fighting the cellulite at the source. Moreover this treatment is also advertised to firm and tone the problem areas while at the same time minimizing the appearance of the cellulite pockets.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

Consumers report that upon applying the product, there is no tingling or burning sensation upon application. It also does not have a stinging odor and can be easily applied to different parts of the body where cellulite usually appears such as buttocks, thighs, and arms. It also boasts of being made from natural ingredients.

Thumbs Down

The product claims to contain natural ingredients but only two ingredients are listed on the Dermology website; other ingredients are not revealed. Aside from this, there are no clinical trials or studies cited that can be read and be used as reference by consumers. Another possible deal breaker is that the price of the product is not stated.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

The product is said to contain Retinol and Caffeine, which are two of the common ingredients used to address cellulite and make the skin appear smoother and younger-looking.

Ingredients: Retinol and Caffeine


For a product that has received noteworthy attention, consumers would naturally be wary of the fact that it does not divulge complete information about the product, most especially on its ingredients. It has caffeine, known to help flush out toxins and fats from the veins and capillaries to diminish the appearance of cellulite, as well as Retinol A that is proven to smooth and make skin firmer.

Although, the manufacturer promises that it contains all-natural ingredients, it is still safer and more comforting for the consumers to have more detailed information or a list of ingredients so they could be apprised of what exactly they are applying to their skin. It is common knowledge that there are quite a number of ingredients, even those that comes from natural sources that can trigger or cause allergic reactions; hence, more serious skin care problems. Transparency is always a must for skincare and beauty products so that the consumers would be able to make an informed decision rather than merely rely on the claims of the manufacturing company; hence, because of the lack of this value it is best not to purchase this product.


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