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Skindoctors Eyetuck Cream Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

If you’re looking into a cream that calls itself “Eyetuck”, it’s probably because your mirror has been giving you some bad news lately. Your eyes are starting to show your age – a little crease here, perhaps a bag there – and you would like to keep the bad news to yourself. Your good sense tells you some genius cream may keep the damage hidden for a while, and perhaps even roll it back a bit.

You’re right!

The question is, will Skindoctors Eyetuck Cream really work? Can its formula truly smooth and de-puff under-eye pooches, or will your bank account be the only thing this product deflates?


Eyetuck Cream is formulated by the well-respected brand, Skindoctors. It claims to reduce puffiness and smooth the eye area – not just to cover up eye-area issues, but actually to tighten and smooth the skin, which would mean, No more problem!

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

Quite a bit, actually. First, here is the good: 1) Eyetuck Cream is getting impressive buzz for its success in targeting lax under-eye skin. Its key active compound, Tetrapeptide-5, has a proven ability to drain excess fluid from beneath the eye area, visibly reducing under-eye puffiness and bags. 2) A group of female volunteers tested Eyetuck Cream’s ability to smooth and decongest the area around the eyes, and they reported an impressive 95 percent reduction in eye puffiness. 3) Skindoctors is a well-known skin-care products firm with an established track record. The last in the list of strong pluses if you are considering this eye cream is that the results should be visible in as little as two weeks. (Be aware, though, that Skindoctors recommends you use Eyetuck Cream for at least 60 days for the most dramatic improvement.)

Thumbs Down

There are also several drawbacks. It does not improve crow’s feet or dark under-eye circles. No money-back guarantee is offered, and returns must be in unopened, re-sellable condition. This is frustrating, because the cream is expensive and there is no full ingredient list on the official website. The last real concern is that no customer reviews are linked to this product.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

Because there is no full ingredient list on the manufacturer’s website, it’s hard to know. The three ingredients listed are: Apricot Oil, Eyeseryl (Tetrapeptide-5), and Shea Butter. It would have been nice to know the rest of them, if only to allay allergy concerns.

Ingredients: Unavailable.


Eyetuck Cream is part of the Skindoctors product range. It contains a proven active compound, Tetrapeptide-5, that visibly smoothes and tightens the eye area by draining excess fluid. No money-back guarantee is offered, and returns must be unopened, which kind of defeats the purpose of returning a non effective product. This is an expensive option as well, especially since you have no full ingredient list to check for harmful additives. Unfortunately, Eyetuck Cream does not seem to be your best option.


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