Born in southern California, Jennifer Pena studied at Fresno State to earn her degree. There she met her now husband Rick. Now a mother of four, Jennifer works diligently for her daughter's PTA. Considered by many to be an expert in the field of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products, Jennifer has combined her scientific knowledge and real world experience to help guide others in their decision making process.

Robanda Eye Gel Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

If you are on the hunt for an eye cream, chances are you woke up this morning with crinkles around your eyes encased in puffiness framed by dark circles that seem to advertise your real age. And, since you would like to keep shaving a few years off your age, you figure an eye cream that erases evidence is what you need and need now.

You’re right!

So, the question is, will Robanda Eye Gel keep the evidence hidden, or reveal even more about you than you would like, but at your expense?


The maker professes that this product will minimize fine lines and wrinkles while rubbing out dark circles and eliminating puffiness. And, once it does, your skin will have the glow and smoothness of youth, meaning – problem eliminated.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

Even though they don’t provide a complete list of ingredients, they do provide telephone and email contact numbers so that you can ask them if it contains a substance that you may be allergic to. They do advertise in major magazines, another indication that the product is made by a legitimate company. This pretty much covers all the primary real pluses.

Thumbs Down

Now for the minuses. There aren’t that many since it is a well-known company, but the two that stand out the most are; 1) no clinical studies have been provided on the website, and 2) the satisfaction guarantee is a bit vague. Frankly, that’s normally enough, but it is important to know that you can email the company for their money-back guarantee and a response in writing is legally binding – even by email. That covers the primary list of real minuses.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

Obviously, the company is not providing all the ingredients used in their eye gel, which may be a red flag, especially if you have sensitive skin and are likely to react to low-quality ingredients. Be sure to contact the company directly before purchasing to discover if any substances used may cause you problems.

Ingredients: Encapsulated Vitamin A, 100 % active and pure Retinol Palmitate, PCA


Finding a reliable eye cream that will take away the appearance of gray undereyes and crinkling lines that give away your age is not as easy as it sounds. First, the price has to be what you can afford to pay. That said: the price of this product is on the lower end of similar products. However, it may take longer to work than the more expensive products. It is important to use it as the instructions say or your experience may be disappointing. It is available on the product’s main website as well as major third party sites. All evidence and indications in the way that this product is marketed suggest that this is a valid product that will perform as the company said. The company requests that you contact them directly for any information or questions you may have, which may be because they do not want others making claims that they do not personally stand behind, and may ruin their reputation in the bargain. Unfortunately, without clinical studies to back their claims -- it's impossible to recommend this product, as there's no telling how it's ingredients could effect your health or skin.


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