Eyelash Conditioners, How Good Are They?

Just like you condition your hair, you need to condition your lashes. A simple suggestion is to put a thin layer of Vaseline or Aquaphor over your lids at night to help protect them. Over-the-counter eyelash conditioners have been known to also help. They also can usually contain ingredients that strengthen and moisturize eyelashes. A lash conditioner can also help stop breakages – leaving your lashes looking longer in a matter of only a few weeks.

6 Steps to Getting Better, Thicker Eyelashes

Your lashes serve a purpose beyond beauty. Eyelashes serve a protective function: to keep foreign matter out of the eye. A lash can last about three months before falling out and can take two months or more to completely grow back. Damage can also make the hair more fragile, thinner, and shorter when it does grow in. If you damage the follicle enough, it will stop producing hair.
Want longer, thicker, more luxurious eyelashes? We recommend that you start with these six lash enhancing lifesavers we’ve gathered for you.

1. Never pull on your eyelashes, avoid rubbing your eyes as much as possible. “The lash root is very delicate and lashes can easily break due to our daily habits,” says dermatologist Jeannette Graf, MD, of Great Neck, N.Y.

2. If ever you need to use a lash curler, do not pull on your eyelids. Be gentle and attentive to your eyelashes.

3. Remove any mascara you may be wearing before you go to bed. The brittleness created from the mascara can break your lashes if you’re not careful.

4. Remove any clumps from your mascara when it is still wet and easy to comb through. Always use the proper tool to do so, or risk losing your lashes.

5. Getting rid of your old mascara can also help keep your lashes and eyes healthy. Get a cleaner, newer tube every six months. That will help your mascara stay clear of germs that can often lead to infection.

6. If you get pink eye or another eye illness, replace any makeup that went near your eye area.

A Few More Ways To Get Long Eyelashes

Eyelash extensions are tiny little synthetic hairs which are glued to individual eyelashes. They last for only a couple of months. You should expect to pay a healthy sum of money, and know that your natural lashes can and might be damaged as the extensions begin to fall out. Other options are the prescription drugs available through your doctor. Side effects from these prescriptions can include irritation and darkening of the skin on the eyelid, which has been reported to be reversible after stopping such drugs.