Going to Sleep without Washing Your Neck Line

It’s common and quite easy to, at the end of the day, fall into bed exhausted and unthinking of the makeup you’re wearing, or the health of your skin. Think of what your chest and neck goes through in a day. Makeup, oils, dirt, sun damage, and pollution all collect on your sensitive skin during the course of a busy day. Is it smart to keep all that gunk on your body, to get all over your pillowcases and higher onto your neck?

Washing your neck and chest should be just as much of a part of your before sleep routine as brushing your teeth or taking off your makeup. Even if you’re too tired, don’t skip the cleanup routine altogether. Keeping inexpensive makeup-removing wipes handy or near your bed will allow you to wipe down your neck and chest just before you fall asleep, while providing a cool and comforting sensation that will help lull you to sleep.

Being Too Hands-on with the Skin of your Neck

Rubbing your eyes, scratching your nose, pushing your hair behind your ear — you probably don’t realize how many times a day you touch your face. But every time you do, you transfer germs and dirt from your hands other parts of your skin, it’s the same for your chest and neck. Every time you touch your face, you risk rubbing off your makeup and sunscreen. This not only makes it difficult to maintain a stable appearance, it also clogs pores and transfers dirt to the otherwise clean sections of your neck and chest.

Don’t be too eager or absent minded enough to mindless touch your skin without first washing your hands. Pay attention. Once you notice how often you’re touching your skin, you can start keeping your fingers elsewhere. If you’re touching your skin absentmindedly, at least keep your hands as super-clean as you can manage, and use antibacterial gels and cleansers so you’ll minimize the number of germs you’re transferring to your neckline.

Having a Sweet Tooth is bad for your skin

Sugar is one of the worst foods for your skin though that’s not commonly known. A high blood sugar count can cause changes to the collagen in your skin, and other tissues in your skin, making your skin weaker and more prone to wrinkling. High blood sugar can also predispose you to getting skin yeast infections, including rashes on your chest and neck, even on your face.

Avoid foods with too much or added sugar, sodas, candy, and cookies are some of the worse, and steer clear of foods that break down quickly into sugar, such as white breads, white rice, and pastas. Try instead to limit the baked goods in your diet, and also choose whole-grain breads and cereals. These complex carbohydrates will help keep your blood sugar steady and probably help you slim down as well.