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Clarins Neck Cream Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

Those who have used neck creams on a regular basis at any time in their life will agree that the price is always relative, as it’s the results by which the cream must be judged. Some are on the marker for no more than $7, others will set you back $50, and then there are those that head close toward the worrying $100 mark. Clarins Neck Cream falls in at around $85 per jar, making it one of the more expensive creams out there. That being said, you’re probably thinking that this is still a small price to pay if it is actually capable of restoring youthful looks, but it takes more than a promise to make the results show.

You’re right!

So, the question is, will Clarins Neck Cream turn out to be a savvy investment where every penny is well-spent, or is it just a whole load of nothing for a crazy price?


It’s hard not to have faith in Clarins Neck Cream for the simple reason that this is a well-known brand. As for the actual Clarins Neck Cream itself, it’s marketed as a fast-absorbing, non-greasy moisturizer that quickly restores smoothness and suppleness to the neck and chin. This is where age may be taking its toll in the form of fine lines and sagging. It claims to use a patented formula that’s hypo-allergenic, and seems to be listed in full on the official website.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

The biggest plus point for Clarins Neck Cream right off the bat is of course the reputation of the brand behind it – it’s one we’ve all come to respect over the years. It can also be picked up from a variety of respected retailers, there are some very good reviews to be found, and the list of ingredients is divulged in full - Clarins Neck Cream has a few examples of real pluses.

Thumbs Down

It’s not all a positive tale, because along with the rather high price, there’s no specific money back guarantee offered on Clarins Neck Cream by the manufacturer – it all depends where you buy it. Couple that with the fact that Clarins Neck Cream has not been put through independent testing. There are also quite a few reviews out there suggesting that it isn’t any better than its much cheaper rivals. There have also been unverified reports of skin irritation in some instances. Just a short list of Clarins Neck Cream’s real minuses.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

It’s always good to see when a manufacturer has enough confidence to share a full list of ingredients with potential buyers - Clarins Neck Cream is such a product.

According to the website, Clarins Neck Cream is composed of: BHT, sunflower extract, bocoa prouacensis extract, steareth-20, water, cyclomethicone, cetearyl isononanoate, cetearyl alcohol, dipropylene glycol, cetearyl ethylhexanoate, C14-22 alcohols, cetearyl glucoside, butylenes glycol, phenoxyethanol, C12-20 alkyl glucoside, fragrance, glycerin, sodium PCA, ethylparaben, tocopheryl acetate, carbomer, tromethamine, prunus domestica seedcake extract, methylparaben, disodium EDTA, anthyllis, vulneraria flower extract, potassium sorbate, acetyl tetrapeptide-2, and dextran.


The biggest thing holding Clarins Neck Cream back is that price tag – charging $80+ for a cream is all well and good if you’re willing to offer some kind of rock-solid money back guarantee or have the thing independently tested, but in the case of Clarins Neck Cream neither happens to be true. This is unacceptable and ridiculous to say the least.


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