Notes About Keeping Your Eyelashes Healthy

You should try to always handle the area around your eyes as gently as possible, especially your the area near your eyelashes. If you notice your lashes are starting to fall out at an alarming rate, you might be treating them way too roughly. Keep reading for more tips on proper eyelash care, including expert advice you wont find anywhere else!

Eyelash Curlers: Be Careful!

When using an eyelash curler, try to avoid pinching the skin on your lids or pulling on  your eyelashes. We suggest investing in a quality, spring-loaded eyelash curler, like the Shu Uemura Eyelash Curler. To prevent a lot of damage to lashes, a good curler can and will have a smooth metal plate to guard the lashes. Feel for any sharp or rough edges on the curler before use.

Proper Eyelash care

Always make sure that you remove all of your eye makeup at night before falling asleep, especially your mascara. If you choose to leave mascara on overnight, it will weigh down your natural lashes, and leave you running the risk of eyelash breakage. Try to soak a cotton pad with eye makeup remover and gently press it onto your eyelids for up to 15 seconds. This will  dissolve the mascara completely, making it easier to remove without the need to scrub. Andrew recommends Raw Coconut Cream by RMS beauty to help remove waterproof mascara. “Just scoop a bit with each finger and gently massage into your lash line. Wipe with a soft cloth and repeat. The cream-to-oil cleanser is moisturizing, non-greasy, gentle and naturally anti-bacterial. Not only does this step give you a chance to catch you breath before crawling into bed, it helps make sure your lashes will be healthy, lengthy, and lush for a long time.

Rinse Your Eyes Thoroughly!

Do not rub your your eyes if possible. Rubbing can pull or twist your eyelashes from their pores, which leads breakage at their roots and premature fallout. If your eyes become itchy, soothe it by gently patting your lid with a clean finger.