Best Ways to Protect Your Neck

No matter how diligent you are with your skin care, it’s easy to make little mistakes that can lead to a flawed complexion. And over time, these little skin sins add up, causing damage and leading to premature aging. Read on to find out how guilty you are of skin sins and learn how to do penance. Sure, you protect your neck with a layer of sunscreen every morning before you go outside. But do you remember to reapply? Try to remember that sunscreen sweats off, rubs off, and melts into your face naturally, even if the label says ‘sweat proof’ or ‘lasts all day.

Don’t worry, you’re not expected to wash your face right in the middle of your busy day and reapply sunscreen. An easy way to handle this is to find a powder with SPF that you can use for touch-ups.  While it’s ideal to reapply liquid sunscreen, the powder formulas will give you the same protection, and help strengthen what you’ve already applied. Don’t think that if you have an indoor job you’re immune, either. You can get sun damage just from driving, sitting near a window, or even something as simple as walking across the street.

What You Put On May Be Hindering

Makeup can be expensive and very detrimental to the health of your neck’s skin, and while it’s tempting to hang onto it until every last bit is gone – you may be surprised to find out that your creams or foundations are causing more wrinkles than they’re hiding. It might make it easier to discard if you think about what your old makeup could be damaging each time you apply it. It’s recommended that going through all of your makeup and discarding the out of date articles each season,  and tossing any anti-wrinkle creams you haven’t used within the previous three months. If you need help remembering when you’ve opened a new product, keep a marker handy and write the date right on the package.

Be Mindful Of Your Neckline

Were all guilty of forgetting to pay attention to the area beneath our faces, but our poor necks and chests often reflect that absent minded attitude. The skin is of your neck is naturally thinner on your décolletage — the skin stretching from under your chin all the way down to your cleavage — than the skin on your face, and yet more often than not it gets just as much sun exposure if not more. Ignore these areas and you’ll likely see sun damage showing up as blotchy skin, broken capillaries, and scaly patches.