Protecting Your Eyes

Make sure that your eyes do not get injured, being mindful of your eyes health is the best thing you can do. We will show you how something like proper nutrition can keep your eyes strong and healthy. Remember back when you were still a kid, and your mom told you that carrots can improve your eyesight? That’s because they do. Preventing eye injuries whether you’re playing sports or doing household chores can only be done if you take proper precautions.

Congenital Eye Disorders

In certain rare cases, people are just born with defective or weak eyes. Like other disorders, there are a large amount of eye problems that become encoded into an individual’s genetics. These disorders can include fairly simple problems like near sightedness or far sightedness, or sometimes they can be crippling problems like glaucoma or blindness.

Preventing Eye Problems

Your daily habits might be injuring your eyes without you knowing it. Your eyes could be slowly deteriorating from the abuse of common actions like smoking, rubbing, disuse, too much use, and so much more. First, we will tell you about ultraviolet light, the damage it can cause, and why you need the UV protection that you get from your sunglasses. The sun can damage the eye from as little as ten seconds of exposure, less when looking directly into it. Sunglasses provide a smart and safe way to keep your eyes protected from their harmful light.

Temporary Eye Conditions

Even with the best care, eye problems can and will make themselves known. Be it a pesky infection, or blurriness caused by overuse, there are many temporary eye conditions that can be quite frightening. In this section, we will cover all the major eye problems like pinkeye, dry eyes, red eyes, and sties. We will also let you know about the danger of babies and pinkeye and give a guide for how and when to buy eyedrops.