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Metathione Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

It's no secret that the japanese revere lighter, more radiant skin. A growing number of women and men around the world are discovering the magic of skin brightening creams and pills, save for the Japanese – who have been utilizing skin brightening techniques for decades. These products remain popular in Asian, Southeast Asian countries, and African countries. The trend is rather new in the United States, where skin brightening creams have become more popular since 2011, when the market saw a sharp increase. In this review, we look at one of the most popular skin lightening products in Japan that has recently made its way over seas. Would you like to learn more?

You’re right!

So, the question is, Will Metathione deliver results quickly and safely? Or is your money better spent on something else?


In Japan, Metathione (Met tathione) is the very best product on the market for brightening the pallet of your skin. Unlike other skin lighteners, Metathione does not claim to remove blemishes, dark spots, and other skin discolorations. It is marketed solely on its ability to make darker skin lighter. That being said, some may know Metathione by a different name: Glutathione – a small protein comprised of three amino acid cells called cystene, glutamic acid, and glycine. This protein is found naturally in the body, and is generated normally by the body in response to harsh damage to the skin like UV burns, weather damage, and pollution. What are the differences between Metathione and Glutathione, then? Absolutely nothing. Metathione is simply the name of the product, comprised of Glutathione. A powerful antioxidant, Metathione promises to lighten your skin within only a handful of weeks.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

Metathione's first and largest positive is the fact that it claims to utilize Glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that is scientifically proven to improve skin radiance and brightness.

Thumbs Down

There does not seem to be a main website for Metathione, either in english or its native Japanese. There are no free samples of this product, nor is there a money back guarantee to protect your investment. Metathione can be difficult to find and purchase online. Given the fact that it must ship internationally, the price for this product varies greatly from one retailer to the next.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

Unfortunately the ingredient list for this product is unavailable.

Ingredients unavailable.


Metathione, a popular skin brightening pill in Japan, seems like such a good product on paper. However, it's lacking in the most basic of customer tools and items that would make it ideal for recommendation. No free trials. No satisfaction or money back guarantee. No clinical trials, and no website to see ingredients before purchase make it impossible to give Metathione the most thorough review possible. Because of this, we're recommending that Metathione be avoided until more information on the product can be garnered.


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