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Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

Areas of the skin that are in the midst of changing color or tone are a considered a common problem with a wide array of potential causes. You might experience changes in pigmentation centered largely around a certain area of your skin due in large part to the differences in the melanin level it might contain. Melanin is the substance that provides color to the skin and protects it from the sun. These pooling areas of melanin are often referred to as dark spots, and are unable to be healed normally by your skin. So how then do you even your skin tone once it has begun to change? Think its worth taking the time to find out?

You’re right!

So, the question is, can Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector reverse the signs of dark spots by evening your skin tone, or are you better off with polkadots?


Guthy-Renker, the manufacturer of the Proactiv line of skin health products, has enjoyed great success over the last ten years – offering consumers a wide variety of helpful products that treat everything from acne, to skin discoloration. Proactiv has had several celebrity endorsements, furthering their marketing reach beyond what most of their competitors are able to achieve. Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector is Guthy-Renker's answer to many similar products that promise to remove blemishes and dark spots brought on by too much or too little melanin in the skin. The boast of natural ingredients with no side effects, though our research may prove this to be otherwise.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

A positive aspect of Proactiv's Dark Spot Corrector is the fact that it's affordable. At $19.99 for a large bottle, this product is one of the cheapest we've found. Proactiv also offers its customers a full 60-day Money Back Guarantee. This product is often endorsed by celebrities, though whether or not that's a positive note is up to you. Finally, Proactiv is “Doctor Recommended”. Though whether or not these doctors are endorsing it because they were paid to or because they believe it can actually treat the skin is up in the air.

Thumbs Down

Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector contains Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is often used for fading acne scars, melasma and liver spots. However, tests confirming the danger of using this ingredient is far too great. Other than hydroquinone, there are simply no skin lightening compounds or ingredients found in this product. And last but not least, even thought it is “Doctor Recommended” Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector has not been put through any scientific or clinical trials that prove it can reduce dark spots and blemishes from the skin.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

The known ingredients in this product can be found to the right.

Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector contains Vitamin A, C, E, Water (Aqua), Alcohol Denat., PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil,Polysorbate 20, Hippophae Rhamnoides Oil, Hydroxyethylcellulose, Sodium, Metabisulfite, Sodium Sulfite, Disodium EDTA, Citric Acid, 12-Hexanediol, Caprylyl Glycol, Fragrance (Parfum) and Hydroquinone.


Our experience with Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector, developed and marketed by Guthy-Renker, has had its shares of ups and downs. However, through long periods of research into its ingredients and the way it's presented as a product, we've found some glaring negatives that simply cannot be ignored. Affordably priced at $20 per bottle, we liked that this dark spot corrector was easy to purchase and didn't break the bank. The 60-day money back guarantee was also quite nice, because we plan on taking advantage of it very soon. Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector contains Hydroquinone, an ingredient known for causing severe reactions in people. The danger this ingredient presents to customers is not worth the price, no matter how low it is. Proactiv Dark Spot Corrector has not, also, been put through any clinical trials that might prove they can do what they promise. We cannot recommend this product for use at this time.


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