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Bio Claire Skin Brightening Oil Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

When deciding whether or not you should use a skin brightening agent, your first and main determination should be centered on a truthful evaluation of your skin. Determining the severity of sun damage, the depth of dark spots, and the size of your blemishes will give insight to what kind of product you will, in the end, need. Laser based skin whitening is one of the strongest, and most expensive, ways to brighten your skin and remove these issues at their source. However, laser treatments are risky and can damage your skin more than it already is. Topical treatments are less expensive, and vastly safer than their laser counterparts. No matter which option you choose to undertake skin brightening, it's important to have reasonable expectations, and to know the limitations of the products you purchase. Think it’s smart to learn more before making a decision?

You’re right!

So, the question is, Will Bio Claire Skin Brightening Oil be able to lighten your skin while protecting its overall health? Or does this product offer nothing but disappointment?


Developed and distributed by Nouvelle Parfumerie Gandour Company, Bio Claire is a supposedly powerful skin brightening agent capable of restoring luster and even complexion to your whole body. Located in Douala, Cameroon, Nouvelle Parfumerie Gandour Company recently came under fire for their recall of the product: Lightening body lotion without hydroquinone – Natural Bio-vegetal Activator. The reason for the recall? The product contained fine amounts of hydroquinone, the ingredient supposedly missing from formulation – right on the bottle. For those who are unaware, hydroquinone is a powerful skin agitant that is often regarded as more damaging than helpful. The negative press has since moved on to their replacement cream, Bio Claire. Its active agent is clobetasolpropionate (a glucocorticosteroide). Thus, this cream is considered an illegal drug in many parts of the world. According to the application order this cream is meant to be applied up to three times daily. With this dosage of the active ingredient the cream can have detrimental effects on health in the long term. Even more so if used excessively. Either because of the considerable backlash of these two products, or simply a matter of a choice, Bio Claire has no website. All information gathered regarding this product and its manufacturer have been researched from other sources.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

The only positive we can find at this time regarding Bio Claire is its low price.

Thumbs Down

Because of the vast number of negatives regarding Bio Claire, we'll only be listing the most glaring of those we've found. The first being: The manufacturers have seen fit to make this products most active ingredients a glucocorticosteroide. The results of this steroid directly counter any and all skin changes with conflicting negatives. Secondly: Its manufacturer has been caught previously manipulating, falsifying, and lying about ingredients found in their products on other occasions. This product also contains parabens, as well as steroids, giving it an even larger degree of negative side effects. Continuing, Bio Claire has no main website to speak of. And because it can only be purchased through third party retailers, the options for information on the product, as well as money back assurances, are limited at best. Finally, the clinical and scientific studies that have been performed on its formulation have returned results that make Bio Claire a dangerous product to use.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

The ingredients in this product can be found to the right.

Clobetasolpropionate, I.P.M.,Huile de vaseline, Vaseline blanche, Alcool cetostearylique, B.H.T., Eau, Acide stearique, Alcool cetylique, Vitamin E, M.P.G., Glycerine, Actifs Bio-Vegetaux 2%, Colorants, Fragrance.


There are so few products on the market that have zero redeeming qualities. Nouvelle Parfumerie Gandour Company's product, Bio Claire, is one of them. Never before have we encountered a product backed by such manipulation, distortion of the truth, and downright danger before Bio Claire. Though it's one of the cheaper skin brightening products available, its negative aspects erase the positive aspect before it can even take hold. Containing parabens and steroids (Which can cause the skin discoloration meant to be cured by this product), this product is capable of giving more negative side effects than it is results. There is no money back guarantee. No website. No full ingredients list. And finally, its clinical studies have revealed dangerous ingredients that could severely harm your skin. We recommend avoiding this product at all costs.


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