Take Care of the Skin on Your Body

Are you utterly fanatical about skin care? Chances are that there’s a body part or maybe even two that you’re neglecting. If you’re obsessing over every single tiny wrinkle that appears on your face than you probably don’t have much time to worry about your dry knees.
Those often forgotten or unworried about body parts are more important than you may first realize — and it isnt just about looking good or pretty. Your skin is the largest organ, and it’s your first line of defense against disease. So of course it’s very important to focus your anti-aging efforts on your face, but five minutes a day could possibly make a massive difference to the rest of your body.

Protect Your Skin, Buy Ahead of Time
Take a look at the massive arsenal of sunscreens and serums, the lotions and know that our skin care plan will have you rethinking just how you have used them before and will use them in the future. Anti-aging skin care shouldn’t stop right at your jawline. We suggest using your skin care products that you use on your face on your neck and chest as well — try and get in the habit of cleansing and moisturizing those areas in the same way. Try and keep them soft, but not oily.

A Few Forgotten Places
Since the often slender skin on your neck is thinner than the skin that’s on your face, it’s more much more prone to volume loss and ugly sagging. If you are willing to take an extra step, try and look for a cream that is specifically designed for the neck. Ingredients like peptides can often address these problems.

Dry — or calloused — elbows are often our of sight, out of mind. Elbows were never a pretty body part to begin with. However, elbows, like heels, can become prone to cracking and fissures, so it’s important to keep them very well moisturized. Exfoliating in the shower with a loofah can improve the skin of your elbows greatly. Then after you pat dry with a towel, massage a few drops of moisturising oil like vitamin E, almond, or olive oil and seal it in with a layer of rich body lotion.