Born in southern California, Jennifer Pena studied at Fresno State to earn her degree. There she met her now husband Rick. Now a mother of four, Jennifer works diligently for her daughter's PTA. Considered by many to be an expert in the field of anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products, Jennifer has combined her scientific knowledge and real world experience to help guide others in their decision making process.

Ginale Skin Care Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

Everyone knows that achieving younger looking skin and fighting the signs of aging will never be as easy as just slapping on a single cream and waiting for it to work its magic. This is precisely why there are so many products on the market today that come in the form of skincare systems where various steps add up to something more than the sum of its parts. In the case of Ginale Skin Care, this is a three step solution that’s said to be able to firm, even, clarify, and generally add a new glow to the skin in order to bring a youthful appearance that lasts. Think it’s worth looking more closely at Ginale Skin Care?

You’re right!

So, the question is, Will Ginale Skin Care show the market how a three step program to better skin care really can do the job, or is it a product you’d be as well sidestepping entirely?


The three stages that come with the Ginale Skin Care kit begin with its exfoliator, progress to the activating gel, and finish with the moisturizing cream. Unsurprisingly the kit isn’t offered for buttons so you’ll be looking at an outlay of about $110 per month if you want to make use of all that’s on offer. Not cheap, but still not as expensive as some of the moisturizers on the market today that need to be complimented with additional products. From reducing the appearance of wrinkles to eliminating fine lines and evening the skin tone across the board, Ginale Skin Care can apparently do it all and has made quite a name for itself.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

One of the biggest advantages of the Ginale Skin Care system is the free trial offer, which means you can technically try out what’s on offer with no risk or strings attached. What’s more, there are plenty of user reviews doing the rounds and almost all suggest that Ginale Skin Care lives up to all of its promises. The price technically isn’t bad either considering that it covers all three steps of the process, while the backing of dermatologists speaks volumes for the safety of the kit as a whole. As such, this is a three step product kit that’s bursting with real pluses.

Thumbs Down

If looking at things from a critical perspective, however, it’s always a shame to see a product of this kind of a caliber which for some reason isn’t marketed with a full list of ingredients on the official company website. You cannot rule out allergic reactions and the like if you don’t know what you’re using, so as far as beauty products go, this is one of the most damaging examples of a real minus.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

As mentioned above, it’s a bit of a shame to see that there’s no comprehensive list of ingredients on offer, so you really don’t know what’s in each stage of the Ginale Skin Care kit.

Ingredients unavailable.


On the whole, it’s safe to say that you could do a lot worse than to trust Ginale Skin Care, but you could also do a lot better. This is an expensive system, and there are plenty of products that offer all of these benefits in one easy serum instead of three. In addition, not listing all of the ingredients that make up their product is completely unforgivable and potentially dangerous. Without being able to rule out allergic reactions, we can not recommend this product at all.


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