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Instatox Review - Will It Work For You? Let's Find Out!

Instatox is an anti-aging cream that promises to help rejuvenate your skin, making it appear smoother, younger, and fuller. If you are beginning to notice the signs of aging appear on your face, it’s time to start using an anti-aging product to reverse these results.

You’re right!

So, the question is, Will Instatox work on your wrinkles? Serious Skin Care who is the manufacturers of the product swears by its claims. They say that the serum will instantly leave your skin feeling fresh and instantly younger. Many anti-aging products now boast to produce instant results and with such variety in the market, how does Instatox compare to the rest?


Instatox is a quick absorbing product that works by minimizing your pores making the skin look smoother and consequently younger. The product minimizes fine lines and wrinkles which mostly appear around the eyes and mouth. The product is safe to be used around the eyes and it is suitable for all skin types as well. It’s important to note that Instatox is one product in the Serious Skin Care line of anti-aging products, and you can use it on its own or along with other products that are recommended on the product’s page. Unfortunately, information on Instatox is limited, but you can access information from third party sites and reviews are especially very helpful. Serious Skin Care directs that you apply the serum on a thoroughly cleansed face. Pat dry the skin and ensure that the skin is completely free of makeup, serums, and moisturizers. When you apply the serum, let the skin stay expressionless for approximately 3 minutes to ensure that the cream dries evenly.

What's the Word On The Street, Then?

Thumbs Up

The product feels great on the skin and we like that it is made using a quick absorbing formula. It is safe to use around the eyes and because it doesn’t contain synthetic fragrances, it shouldn’t cause irritations. The product is conveniently sold online through the Serious Skin Care online store, the Skin Store, and you can also buy it on the home shopping network. Instatox is an affordable product, and unlike other similar products, the full ingredient list is provided.

Thumbs Down

Serious Skin Care does not have customer testimonials and the only reviews you will come across are from third party sites. While they do indicate the ingredients, they don’t describe what the ingredients do. No clinical tests are cited to give the claims some form of assurance, and it also doesn’t help there is no money back guarantee or free trial.

You Have To Know What You're Putting On Your Body

Serious Skin Care has done a good job of highlighting the entire ingredient list and while they do not give further explanation, you can use the list to identify ingredients that you may be allergic to.

Ingredients: water, magnesium aspartate, magnesium aluminum silicate, sodium silicate, zinc gluconate, camellia Oleifera leaf extract, copper gluconate, iron oxides, propylparaben, retinyl palmitate, methylparaben, and diazolidinyl urea.


Instatox appears to have some good properties. It’s easy to use thanks to the quick absorbing formula. The anti-age cream can be safely used around the eyes, and this is because it does not have synthetic fragrances. Instatox is quite affordable, and it retails for just $28.50. One of the major advantages is that you can buy it through the Home Shopping Network and other online stores.

Unfortunately, the product lacks in a lot of areas. Serious Skin Care has no customer testimonials to show for their product, no satisfaction guarantee, no ingredient explanations, or clinical tests. If you decide to use skin care products that have not been clinically tested, then you could be in for quite a painful shock. The fact is there is no way of knowing for sure that this product can live up to its claims. This is a product to skip in favor of better products.


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